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Just like all other Clash of Clans Private Severs. The Clash of Magic also servers the purpose. The infinite amount of resources, i.e Gems, Elixir, Dark Elixir and coins. Make this COC Private server to be counted in the same category. Although the developers come up with their own versions for this Clash of Magic Private servers. It’s not only One server, but 4 different magic Apk servers have been released so far.

Starting back in May 2015, The ClashOfMagic are the best servers network and has 4 Servers for COC so far. The high speed and secure servers on the back, the Clash of Magic comes in both modded and original formats. Thus far this is the best COC Private Server of 2019 too.

Clash of Magic 2018 Apk Start Screen

You should be playing the Clash of Magic on your Phone if you are:

  • Sick of collecting coins and elixir daily.
  • Want to get rid of slow buildings and troops training.
  • You know the whole game but don’t have time to cross all levels.
  • Don’t want to spend real money for fake Gems and gold in the game.
  • You have already spent so much time while playing but still couldn’t unlocked all Heroes
Then this modified version of the game is perfect for you.

What Clash of Magic Apk does Offer:

The clash of Magic Private servers are pounded with tons of free resources. Like Gems, Elixir, Gold Coins and even Dark Elixir. The best thing about these servers are that they give the users a choice to get a heavily modified game to close to original game options. You can either go for Server 1 (The Black Magic) which is highly modified with tons of custom Buildings and Troops added along with Custom Commands options enabled. 

Clash of Magic 2018 Apk for Android

Or you can simply go for the Server 4 (The Power of Magic 2), Which is almost close to original COC game. but have some most needed features enabled in the game. So Clash of Magic provides a variety of servers to fulfill their fans requirements. Here are other details about these servers. 

Features Enabled
Gems  Unlimited
Gold Coins  Unlimited
Elixir  Unlimited
Dark Elixir  Unlimited
Troops  All Unlocked ( Plus Custom Enabled in S1 and S2)
Custom Commands Enabled in Server 1 and 2
All PVE Goblin Maps Unlocked
Building Time  0 Seconds
Server On time 24/7

Clash of Magic | Server Features: 

The Android version features:

  • Client launcher available.
  • Easy to install Dual APK version.
  • Can be installed on any Android device. [From Android 4.4 KitKat]
  • Doesn’t effect original Game.
  • Easy and simple Installation.

The iOS version features:

  • Support for all iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
  • Client Launcher for iOS.
  • Dual IPA Available.
  • Can be played with Original COC Game.
  • Simple installation process.

How to Install Clash of Magic (COM) Private Server for Android:

As these private server Apk’s are not available on the official Google Play store. So here is how to Download and install the modified Clash of Magic Apk on your Android devices. Follow this step by step guide. 

Step 1: Download the Clash of Magic Servers Apk from the Given link below. 

Step 2: As there are 4 Clash of Magic Servers available, You can download any of the given one. The main servers are the older one with the game version 9.x.x While the newer one is called the Clash of Magic 10.322 R6

Step 3: Once you downloaded the apk file on your mobile, make sure to enable the Unknown Source installation. 

Step 4: Go to Settings > Security> Enable Unknown Source for Older devices.

Step 5: Last Step, Download and install the apk file. Here are the Apk Links given below. 

For newer smartphones running the latest Android 9.0 Pie. 

Go to Settings > Apps and Notifications >Clash Server Unknown Apk installation

Next tap on Special App Access > Install unknown Apps >

Clash Server Unknown Apk installation

Next >

Clash Server Unknown Apk installation

Select the Chrome Browser or any Default browser you have

Clash Server Unknown Apk installation

Now Enable Allow from All resources

Clash of Magic 2018 APK Download Links All Versions: 

For the Android versions, The official Magic Launcher has been released. So that folks who have been playing this game for long enough, can directly download the updated version of the Clash of Magic game without visiting the official site.

Here are the 4 Official Clash of Magic Servers: 

Clash of Magic Servers List:
  • Server1 (The Black Magic)
  • Server 2 (The Hall of Magic)
  • Server 3 (The Power of Magic)
  • Server 4 (The Power of Magic 2)

Or you can simply download the specific Server from the given list below. 

Clash of Magic 2018 Apk Download Link

Clash of Magic Server 1 | The Black Magic |:

The Black Magic Server 1 main features include:

  • Heavily Modded
  • Unlimited Building Count
  • Latest Version
  • Bunch of Commands
  • Fast Server

File Info: Magic-COC_S1-10.322-R5.apk (size: 114.4MB)

Download Magic-COC_S1-10.322-R5.Apk

Clash of Server Server 2 | The Hall of Magic |:

The Hall of Magic Server 2 Main features:

  • Heavily Modded
  • Normal Building Count
  • Latest Version
  • Bunch of Commands
  • Fast Server

File Info: Magic-COC_s2-10.322-R5.Apk (Size = 114.5 MB)

Download Magic-COC_S2-10.322-R5.Apk

Clash of Magic Server 3 | The Power of Magic |:

The Power of Magic Server 3 Main Features are as follow:

  • Slightly Modded
  • Normal Building Count
  • Latest Version
  • Bunch of Commands
  • Fast Server

File Info: Magic-COC_S3-10.322-R5.Apk (Size = 114.28 MB)

Download Magic-COC_S3-10.322-R4.Apk

Clash of Magic Server 4 | The Power of Magic 2 |:

The Power of Magic 2 Server 4 detailed features are:

  • Zero Mods
  • Normal Building Count
  • Latest Version
  • Bunch of Commands
  • Fast Server

Download File Info: Magic-COC_S4-10.322-R5.apk

Download Magic-COC_S4-10.322-R5.Apk

If you want to stick with the developers and get the server updates early, then we recommend you to get this official Magic Palace Launcher. It always has the official game links ready and updated. You can also get it done on the iOS devices.


Clash of Magic GamePlay Video| Just a Glimpse of What you can get in this game:

Hold Your Horses: 

The first two servers are heavily modified. Here you can build with blazing fast speed, and even can train all types of custom built units quite fast. But if you cross the limits, you will be served with a pop-up notification which reads, “Error: This command was unhandled. To avoid data corruption, You’ve been disconnected. Reload Game“.

Clash of Magic Error Code

Yes the game will reset if you try to go too fast. I strongly suggest you to make sure you are under the Server limits, Which is not known exactly yet.


I have downloaded and installed Clash of Magic serves on my OnePlus 6. Well, for me, the purpose of going for the Private Server is well addressed here. The freedom of playing the game with custom troops and buildings make it even more fun. So I highly recommend you guys to give it a try. This is among the best private servers so far. 

All this information is for educational purpose only. doesn’t own any private servers. This server isn’t made or developed by SuperCell official team, but some third party developers.


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