Download Clash of Lights (COL) Private Server for Clash of Clans.

Clash of Lights APK or COL is one of the best Clash of Clans Private Server. With the latest updated version released on the 14th of November 2018. The game data is modified in these servers, so that the players entering into this Clash arena would get unlimited coins, Gems and Elixir. So if you are sick of waiting for days to collect some gems for your game, and if you don’t want to spend real cash for these useless pack of gems and coins. Then you must go for this COL Private server for Clash of Clans.

Clash of Lights 10 Private Server Apk Download
Wow What a start screen. Boom those coins, Elixir and Gems looking fantastic.

“Unlimited Coins, Gems and Elixir is ready for you in Clash of Lights Private Servers” 

Just like other Clash of Clans Private Servers, this one comes with it’s own unique features. Including the quick Buildings built without any time wastage. The best part here are the Built-in custom game commands. To ensure quick launching of events.

COL Custom Commands List:

  1.  /help – (lists available commands)
  2.  /cut – (clears all obstacles)
  3.  /easy – (maxes your base fully, in builder base too, you need to use it in builder base to upgrade there)
  4.  /upgrade – (maxes everything you currently have to the maxed level)
  5.  /id – (prints your account id)
  6.  /refill – (get max resources, gems, gold, elixir etc)
  7.  /suicidal – (attack your own base)
  8. /tsarbomba –  reset base

The developers behind this Clash of Light or COL private server for Clash of Clans made it sure to have more then one servers on the back. So for now there are four different servers of the game available 24/7.

Clash of Lights 10 Private Server Apk Download
That’s our Town in COC. Find US
Clash of Light Private Servers List
  • Clash of Light Private Server S1
  • Clash of Light Private Server S2
  • Clash of Light Private Server S3
  • Clash of Light Private Server S4

Clash of Lights Apk Main Features: 

The good news is that this Clash of Clans Private server the COL or Clash of Light is available for the Android devices. But the bad news is there is no version for iOS devices. So iPhone users have to go for other private servers to make their COC game full of fun.

  • 1,999,999,999 Coins
  • 1,999,999,999 Elixir
  • 999,999 Gems
  • All buildings unlocked at the start of the game.
  • Unlock all 5 Builder’s Huts at the start.
  • Create A clan or Join Clan.
  • Builders Base Available
  • PVP mode enabled for Players.
Clash of Lights 10 Private Server Apk Download
Growing up in no time. COL is fun.
 Those are in-game features for you. Here are some of the features of this Private Server.

1- 100% Up-time

2- Unlimited Resources so Thousands of players can be online any time.

3- Admin Commands available.

4- Working PVP and Trophies of it’s own.

5- Self Attacking Features.

6- Working Clan Features.

7- Everything is Saved.

8- Regular Updates

Now I will guide you how to download and install Clash of Lights (COL) Private Server APK file on any Android device. If you have iOS device, i.e iPhone, iPad or iPod touch you should go for other private servers.

How to Install Clash of Lights (COL) Private Server for Android:

As these private server Apk’s are not available on the official Google Play store. So here is how to Download and install the modified Clash of Lights COL Apk on your Android devices. Follow this step by step guide. 

Step 1: Download the Clash of Lights Apk from the Given link below. 

Step 2: As there are many Clash of Lights Servers available, You can download any of the given one. The main servers are the older one with the game version 9.x.x While the newer one is called the Clash of Lights 10 server. 

Step 3: Once you downloaded the apk file on your mobile, make sure to enable the Unknown Source installation. 

Step 4: Go to Settings > Security> Enable Unknown Source for Older devices.

Step 5: Once done Simply Install the modified APK on your Android device. Here are the Apk Links given below. 

For newer smartphones running the latest Android 9.0 Pie. 

Go to Settings > Apps and Notifications >Clash Server Unknown Apk installation

Next tap on Special App Access > Install unknown Apps >

Clash Server Unknown Apk installation

Next >

Clash Server Unknown Apk installation

Select the Chrome Browser or any Default browser you have

Clash Server Unknown Apk installation

Now Enable Allow from All resources

Clash of Light APK Download Links All Versions: 

Clash of Light 10 Private Server Apk (Latest v10.232.12)

Clash of Lights 10 APK

Clash of Lights Older Private Server Apk: (v9.256.4)

Clash of Lights Old Apk


Clash of Lights (COL) Android game-play Video:


This is the best, Stable, Working and secure Clash of Clans private server. We are on a mission to bring all such modified servers for you. Playing with freedom and with tons of resources is always fun. So all these private servers are not for serious gamers but just for those who want to experience the top level of the game. You can also Checkout more private servers given in the list below. 

Also Download: 

  • Clash of Magic Private Server.
  • FHX Clash of Clans Private Server.
  • Clash of Souls, DarkSoul Private Server.
All this information is for educational purpose only. doesn’t own any private servers. This server isn’t made or developed by the SuperCell official team, but by some third-party developers.


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