Master Royale Infinity iOS version – Get Clash Royale Private Server for iPhone. [2022]

Since we have tons of Clash Royale Private Servers available for Android, how about having Master Royale Infinity iOS Version for the users having iPhones in their hands? 

We all know there isn’t much freedom on the iOS platform. So many third-party developers tend not to play with Private Servers ipa files. That’s why there are not many Clash Royale Private Servers available for download on iPhone, iPad, or Mac computers. 

But we are here with one of the 100% Legit Master Royale Private Server for your iPhone or iPad. Just after the release of our favorite Fun Royle Private Server, We are here with Master Royale Apk for Android. This new modified server for the CR game makes it a whole new game. 

The Master Royale Private server is loaded with custom new cards, New Chests, and bundles of Coins and Gems. The best thing about this private server is the abundance of Chests at the start of the game.

Which gives any player a boosted start. This helps in unlocking all Common cards, Rare Cards, Epic Cards and Legendary Cards in the game. The quick up-gradation of cards helps in increasing the King Tower level to Max 14 in no time. Below are some of the main features of the game.

Master Royale Apk

Features of Master Royale Infinity iOS 2022: 

The Clash Royale Private Server for iOS 2022, The Master Royale comes with many new features, just like Unlimited Coins, Unlimited Gems, and easy and quick chest opening in the game.

The double card chests are also fully functional in this modded version of the game. The main features include the following options.

Unlimited Coins 999,999,999
Unlimited Gems 999,999,999
Unlocked Cards 89/89
Electro Dragon Unlocked
Custom Cards Available
Custom Commands Available
PVP Enabled
League Season Date based
Clan Joining / Creation Unlocked
Daily Chest Unlocks Mega Chest, Legendary King’s Chest etc
All Epic, Rare, Legendary Cards unlocked

Besides this, there are as many custom cards built into the modified version of the game. The MasterRoyale iOS 2022 is packed with all the updated card versions.

Master Royale Clash Royale Private Server

Main Features of Master Royale Private Server iOS:

Hold the horses, it’s the HOG rider smashing through your stats towers. Yes these modded CR Private Servers have unleashed all their powers in one go.

Would you imagine having all these features in your iOS or Android CR game right now?

So if you want:

Master Royale Infinity iOS Privat Server Collections Unlocked:

  • All 169/169 emotes are unlocked in this Private Server.
  • All 6 Tower skins are unlocked.
  • Total Cards 107/107 Unlocked
  • King’s / Queen’s Tower reached level 14
  • Card Level Mysteries are maxed to level 3.
  • Damage Dealer Level 3
  • Tower Trapper Level 3
  • All Magic Items Unlocked
  • All Banners and badges unlocked
  • Copy Paste Decks and Sharing with friends Enabled
  • Clan Battles unlocked with Custom 4 decks
  • Option to arrange 10 Battle Decks and Saving all at once.
  • Staging up to 4 Duel Decks for Multiplayer team tag options.

Magic Items Unlocked:

Magic Items are rare and powerful. You can only hold limited items, but with the help of the Master Royale iOS Private server, We are going to let you grab the maximum.

Private Server Magic Items:
Common Cards 5000/5000
Rare Cards 1250/1250
Epic Cards 200/200
Legendary Cards 20/20
Book of Cards Common 1/1
Book of Cards Rare 1/1
Book of Cards Epic 1/1
Book of Cards Legendary 1/1
Book of Books 1/1
Magic Coin 1/1
Chest Key 10/10

All Legendary Cards Unlocked and Maxed up to Level 14:

With these custom-designed Clash Rotaylae Private Server iOS, You are going to get all Legendary cards unlocked at the start of the game.

All 18/18 Legendary cards are Maxe up to level 14 and Mystery levels increased to Level 3.

  • Night Witch
  • Electro Wizard
  • Ice Wizard
  • The Hog
  • Princess
  • Miner
  • Bandit
  • Royale Ghost
  • Fisherman
  • Lumberjack
  • Inferno Dragon
  • Magic Archer
  • Mother Witch
  • Ram Rider
  • Graveyard
  • Sparky
  • Lava Hound
  • Mega Knight

The Mega DEAL All Champion Cards Unlocked on iPhone:

All four Champion Cards are Unlocked in these new CR Private Servers.

  • Mighty Miner

Walk softly and carry a big drill. This champion deals increasing damage to his target and can switch lanes to escape combat or change attack plans.

This makes him not only the mightiest but also the sneakiest Miner in the arena.

Level 14 + Level 3 Mystery Levels Unlocked


Explosive Escape: Mines underground to the opposite lane. Leaving a bomb at the original locations, Surprise!

Max Arena Damage, Max Targets both Air and Ground.

  • Skelton King

The king of the undead himself sometimes feels lonely (could be due to his non-flattering features) and will summon friends to join him in the battle even after his death. Tough guys have feelings too.

Level 14 + Level 3 Mystery Levels Unlocked


Soul Summoning: collect souls of the fallen and bring them back from the dead!

Max Skeleton count, Max Skelton level.

  • Golden Knight

A warrior with luxurious hair and outstanding flexibility. Demonstrates his aerobics skills and demand.

Level 14 + Level 3 Mystery Levels Unlocked


Dashing Dash: dashes toward his enemies and chain attack everything in his path.

Max Dash Distance, Max Dash Damage, and Max Dashes are all unlocked.

  • Archer Queen

She is fast deadly and hard to catch. Beware of her crossbow bolt and try not to blink –  You might miss her.

Level 14 + Mystery Levels


Cloaking Cape: activate stealth mode and shoots her arrows faster

Max Damage/sec, Max Invisibility Duration, Max Damage/sec

Clash Royale Private Servers iPhone Ratings:

Private Server Ratings:
Connections ★★★★★
Gameplay and Match Up ★★★★☆
Regular updates ★★★★★
Unlocked Items ★★★★☆

Master Royale Surprise Opening Chest Video: 

A hint video showing Master Royale’s opening chest running so smooth on a smooth 12.9-inch iPad Pro with 120Hz gameplay. 

Master Royale Apk – Clash Royale Private Server Pros and Cons:

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Maxed out Level 14
  • Champions Cards Unlocked
  • All 107/107 Cards unlocked
  • Infinite Elixir
  • Customized Cards
  • Server Error
  • Less competitive players
  • Match up getting longer
  • Repeated Crashes
  • Connection error during gameplay
  • Infinite Elixir Results in Game freeze

NEW Clash Royale Server Game Mods:

Plenty of new game mods have been added to the newly updated Private Servers data. This includes

  • 2v2 Double Elixir
  • 7X Unlimited Elixir
  • 1v1 Showdown
  • 2v2 Standard Battle
  • WitchZack’s Sparky Shocker
  • Ramp Up Challenge
  • Special Mini P.E.K.K.A Challenge

Infinite Elixir:

What is better than 7X Elixir mode? Well, it’s Infinite Elixir Mode. Just imagine your pink elixir bar is not getting empty anymore.

So who gonna win an unlimited Elixir gameplay mode?

Well, the answer is simple. Whoever throws the most cards in the arena or in other words, whoever has the fastest fingers would conquer the game.


Leaked upcoming RETRO Battle Music Video:

Then you are at the right place. Here we are with the list of best Working Clash Royale Private Servers 2021 – 2022. These Private Servers are in other words just like Clash Royale iPA with unlimited possibilities.

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Master Royale 3.2872.3 IPA New Features: 

  • New Challenges tab enabled.
  • Player vs Player mode added
  • New Heroes were added in the custom card section.
  • Special Laval Golem card,
  • The epic destroyer added.
  • 12+ Custom-made cards with unique features.

Master Royale Clash Royale 2022 iPA Download:

To download the Clash Royale Private Server 2022, The Master Royale. All you have to do is get the updated version of the MasterRoyale v 3.2872.3 ipa file from the link below.

All other Clash Royale OBB or DATA files for the Private servers aren’t true and no need to download them from different servers.

Download Details:

  • File Name: MasterRoyaleFixed.ipa
  • Size: 385 MB
  • Download Server: Mediafire (.iPA)
  • Uploaded: 2022.07.28

Master Royale Mod Apk

Master Royale Infinity iOS
Master Royale Infinity iOS

How to Install Master Royale CR Private Server on iPhone:

As these private servers, Apk’s are not available on the official Apple’s iTunes store. So here is how to Download and install the modified IPA on your iOS devices. Follow this step-by-step guide. 

Step 1: Download the Master Royale iOS from the Given link below. 

Step 2: As there are many Servers available, You can download any of the given ones. The main servers are the older ones with the game version 9. x.x While the newer one is called the server. 

Step 3: Once you downloaded the ipa file on your mobile, 

Step 4: Make sure to enable the Profile installation in Settings> General> Profile

Step 5: Once done Simply Install the modified Master Royale iPa Profile on your iOS device. Here are the profile links given below. 

For newer smartphones running the latest iOS11. 

Master Royale 2022 Connection Error Solved:

Most of the time when you install the game on your device. You came up with the Connection Error on 50% loading. Just like the one you see in the image below. Which Reads:

Connection Error: Unable to connect with the server. Check your internet Connection and Try again.

Now we know that it’s not your Network problem, but the developer’s lazy servers behind this network connection error issue. All you have to do is try and try again at different times. You would eventually pass through this barrier.

Final Words: 

I have tried and tested this Master Royale 2022 Clash Royale Private server App on my iPad Pro 12.9, And I will not hesitate to admit that cheating with the rules of the game makes CR even more fun to play.

The new custom characters and PVP gameplay vs real players make Master Royale Private Server 2022 for iPhone even more fun.

If you are still not satisfied with this modded version of Clash Royale 2022, Then you can check homepage. We have plenty of stuff for you over there.

All this information is for educational purpose only. doesn’t own any private servers. This server isn’t made or developed by the SuperCell official team, but by some third-party developers.


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