How to get free Legendary Chest in Clash Royale.

So the most common question on the internet now a days is, “How to get Free Legendary Chest in Clash Royale“. Well that’s quite possible now. There are many ways possible to get all the most needed chest unlocked in the game for free. But one thing is for sure that this can’t be done in the original game.

How to get free Legendary Chest in Clash Royale

Free Legendary Chests Comes with the Modded version of Clash Royale:

So the best solution to get your hands on some of the best Legendary cards like Bandit, Miner, Royal ghost etc, can only be done by playing the game’s private servers. Now most of you aren’t familiar with the Private Servers of a game. These are the backbone of the game where some third party developers mod the original version of the game. And add some most desirable features for the users. It’s like playing the Clash Royale game without following the rules set by the real developers i.e SuperCell.

In other words if you want free legendary Chest Unlocked in the game, Which is against the game rules. The only way to get it is by getting the Private Server or the Modded version of the game. There are many third party mods available for the game which you can download and install on any Android or iOS device and enjoy playing the game with freedom.

Which are the best Clash Royale Private Servers:

The desire of free Legendry Chest might made you get the best working CR Private Server. So i have already set up this platform for all people. So that they get their best and most liked ClashServer info. That’s what this site is known as 🙂

How to get free Legendary Chest in Clash Royale

So the best working Clash Royale Private Servers are:

  • Fun Royale
  • Mythical Cell
  • FHX Clash Royale Private Server
  • Null’s Royale
  • Miro Royale

There are many others which you can read on our Homepage. We are making sure to bring the better ones for you. So make sure that follow us to get informed about the latest Clash servers.



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