Clash of Builders Apk | Private Server for Clash of Clans 2019

The unlimited resource, New Buildings and characters and Custom Commands. These are the main features of this newly developed Clash of Builders Apk private Server for Clash of Clans 2019. The new troop called the Warrior Builder and some holy free New Heroes that roam around the hole map are the landmarks of this COC server.

The updated version of the server made sure to give it’s users maximum freedom. Either it’s the free nature Heroes, Custom built troops, spells mainly brought form the Clash Royale game or even the Custom commands which have totally different effects as compared to the other main private servers of the game.

Clash of Builders 2019 Apk for Android

Clash of Builder apk Main Features: 

Clash of Builders Apk 2019 has many changes as compared to the previous older versions. The new servers are more stable and faster in response. This resulted in lesser game crashes and builders base game save works fine now. Here are some of the main features of the game.

  • New latest Worrior Builder troops has been added.
  • Many new Heroes added that do patrol the whole Builders Base Map.
  • New protection Buildings and Troop buildings added.
  • New Custom Heroes comes with new features.
  • Custom commands to ensure faster and stable game-play.
  • Weekly updates for the new buildings, troops and spells added.

Clash of Builders Custom Commands: 

These are the commands you can use in Cash of Builders global chat to show these effects.

Custom Commands Effects
/Online Show online players
/Easy Server will build you a steep base
/Cut Removes all obstacles
/asp On,Off Attack your own base
/Cleanbase Reset your base
/Max Upgrade all buildings to max level
/Refill Reset game resources
/Clone (Player ID) Let’s you clone any player’s base
/refil Reset Game Resources
/antitroops Remove all troops and spells

Download Clash of Builders Apk 2019:

Waiting for the updated link. meanwhile you can head back to Homepage and get any other server installed instead of this dead COB. 

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Unfortunately, This Clash of Clans server has also died. But I am waiting for the update there are chances that this server to get a whole new dedicated feature soon. 


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