ToxicLand APK COC Private Server 2022.

Hi, I am here with yet another wonderful Clash of Clans Private Server, ToxicLand Apk COC 2022. Grab your devices and trust me you won’t like to miss this one here. I have been playing their Clash Royale Private server for some time, yet never knew that they have this wonderful dedicated server for the COC game too. 

Just like all those main servers we have discussed earlier, The ToxicLand also comes with a variety of servers. All of them have unlimited Dark Elixir, Coins, Gems and Elixir for the game. Among the 4 that the developers offer here.

The Server 1 and 2 come with Custom troops and buildings for the game. While the Server 3 and 4 are more like original game with infinite resources. So if you are looking for Clash of Clans Mod apk, then you can try the later two servers.

ToxicLand Apk Clash of Clans Private Server

ToxicLand Apk COC 2022 Features:

There are many features loaded Toxicland private server features. But the best one I like here are the Builder town towers which we can build anywhere without upgrading the town hall. These towers include the Clock Tower and the Gem Mine. Beside this all towers are unlocked in the game from the start. So you can build any tower no matter what level of Town Hall you have. Look in the pictures below. I am having all custom towers on my level 1 TH. 

Other features Include: 

    • Coins: 2,000,000,000
    • Elixir: 2,000,000,000
    • Gems: 2,000,000,000
    • Dark Elixir: 2,000,000,000
    • Buildings: Bomber Tower, Healing Tower etc
    • Resources: Including Gem Mine, Clock Tower
    • Commands: Applied at Global Chat

ToxicLand Apk download

ToxicLand Apk COC Private Servers:

As mentioned above their are 4 private servers APK’s for the the ToxicLand COC version. That includes:

Server 1:- Toxic Magic:

This server includes mods and commands without any buying limit.

Server 2:- The Hall of Toxicity:

This server includes mods and commands with a buying limit.

Server 3:- The Power of Toxicity: 

This server doesn’t include mods and buying limits.

Server 4:- The Power of Toxicity 2:

This server Include commands but without any mods available.

ToxicLand custom army

Toxicland Private Server Launcher Apk: 

The best and easiest way to download all the Toxic Land Clash of Clans Private Servers Apk’s is this Launcher app provided by the source.

Download Details:

  • File Name: ToxicLand-Launcher_10.322-2.0-R1.apk
  • Size: 4,31 MB
  • Download Server: MEGA Archive (.APK)
  • Uploaded: 2018.07.25

ToxicLand Launcher Apk

Download ToxicLand Apk COC Server 1:

unfortunately the developer at ToxicLand have removed the later 3 servers links. But whenever I got those tested on my device. I’ll make sure to update those links. Currently the Active ToxicLand Server 1 download links is available here. 

ToxicLand installation apk

  • File Name: ToxicLand-CoC_S1-9.434.4-R1.apk
  • Size: 90.57 MB
  • Developers: ToxicLand
  • Server: MediaFire

ToxicLand Apk COC Server 1 *

*Private Server Apk installation here.

ToxicLand Apk Clash of Clans Private Server 2019

My Final Words:

Since I have almost tried and tested tons of private servers of Clash of Clans. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this ToxicLand APK COC Server too. This one is still quite stable and allows a flexible gameplay which will make you love it. Beside this you can also checkout their Clash Royale private server. It’s even more fun.

All this information is for educational purpose only. doesn’t own any private servers. This server isn’t made or developed by SuperCell official team, but some third party developers.


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